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About Us

ICR was founded in 1961 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, as a manufacturer of automotive refinishes, industrial coatings, composites, and stonework adhesives. What started as a small family business quickly became a larger international operation, as ICR expanded to Spain in 1969, and emerged in Africa, Latin America, and Asia in the 1980s and 1990s. While ICR manufactures products across several industries, its core business has always been in the automotive refinishing market, where it has been internationally distinguished as a producer of primers, putties, and clearcoats.

By the turn of the century, ICR firmly established itself as an international market leader known for product quality and industry knowledge. The strength of these successes enabled ICR to continue expanding its outreach. In 2011, ICR significantly improved its infrastructure, acquiring a 90,000 square-foot plant in Lodi, Italy, for the exclusive production of paints. This newer production facility complements the original plant in Reggio Emilia, which now focuses on manufacturing special putties, fillers, and varnishes.

ICR is now present in over seventy countries spanning five continents.


ICR has established a reputation of leading the automotive refinishing industry with its technology and creativity, providing innovative products to meet the demands of a complex market. In 2010, ICR provided answers to special coating demands with the ability to screen paint automotive logos and lacquer plastics and designs. 2013 saw ICR develop new electro-deposition technologies with E-coating. ICR’s greatest innovation came with the 2015 production of state-of-the-art UHS clearcoats, again responding to emerging market needs.

ICR Production Plant in Italy
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