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H79 UHS Rapid Clear Coat

H79 is a premium ultra high solid 2k acrylic clear coat offering unmatched speed with a premier shine. Ideal for spot or whole car refinish. Cutting-edge technology provides ideal flash time and quickest dry time on the market. Excellent performance over water borne and solvent base coats. H79 clear coat provides the greatest pot life and versatility for ease of use. As part of the ICR energy saver line, drying times are reduced by 70% with express air system technology.

  • Mix Ratio: 2:1

  • Dry Solid Content: 56.57%

  • Compatible Hardener: C67/C68/C69

  • Reduce by: 0-5%

  • Application:

    • 1st coat – medium/wet; blend area ½ coat

    • 2nd coat – wet; apply how you want it to look

  • Flexibility: no flex agent necessary

  • Basecoat Experience: works great over all products

  • Buffing Experience: easy to sand and polish

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